Goforgrowth is eerste DIY-marketingbureau in België: “Wij geven kmo’s zélf de marketingtouwtjes in handen”

“We give SMEs the marketing reins themselves”

Patrice Boone, founder van Goforgrowth

Instead of outsourcing their marketing to an external party, more and more companies are choosing to do this themselves in order to save costs in times of crisis. The Ghent entrepreneur Patrice Boone wants to be an SME’s help to develop in-house marketing skills. “I think that’s all SMEs’s should be able to enjoy the power of online marketing regardless of their budget. Of one-on-one advice and tailor-made training we provide them with the knowledge they need to successfully take their online marketing into their own hands. This way they can increase their turnover themselves and grow in the long term,” says the founder of DIY marketing agency Goforgrowth.

Goforgrowth wants to make quality online marketing accessible to every SME. “We offer the same high quality as if you outsourced your marketing to an agency, but through one-on-one coaching and training, at an affordable price,” Patrice Boone clarifies the promising proposition of his company, which was founded in 2022. Thanks to Goforgrowth’s expertise and guidance, in-house marketers can provide the tools, insights and skills to improve their online visibilitywhich leads to more sales and growth in the long term.

Growth marketing for every SME

You can find a lot of information about marketing online. But that information is often generic, while as a marketer you make the difference by applying the right nuances to your marketing strategy. That is exactly what Goforgrowth focuses on through the one-on-one approach.

“We not only teach the marketer new skills, we also challenge him or her to come up with solutions themselves. At the same time, we ensure that it all fits into the strategic picture. To achieve this, we bring together the best of online courses with the personalized approach of one-on-one coachingin order to provide advice to our customers through a system of blended learning”, Boone explains Goforgrowth’s principle.

We not only teach the marketer new skills, we also challenge him or her to come up with solutions themselves

The online marketing agency only works with consultants and trainers who have experience in the agency world. “In this way, our customers get agency quality for only a fraction of the price. Because working with an agency usually entails a price tag that is not feasible for all SMEs,” says Boone, who has long had the desire to do business,” says Boone.

In 2017, together with a partner, he founded the growth marketing agency Brandimpact, specialized in the implementation of marketing campaigns. “I then started coaching entrepreneurs. Eventually it started to tickle to bring everything I did, from one-on-one coaching and advice to marketing implementation, together in one company.”

Best of both worlds

A marketer at an SME usually has a varied range of tasks. “It is expected that you are at home in all markets: writing texts, maintaining social media, organizing events, designing flyers and promotional material … There is also the online marketing section.”

“Unfortunately, a marketer does not always have the right knowledge about online marketing. The result: an unstructured approach and the desired impact that is not achieved. A missed opportunity, because digital marketing is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world”said Patrice Boone.

Patrice Boone

The solution: provide the in-house marketer with training and advice so that he or she can implement it himself. For example, companies need to rely less on external parties. Moreover, the knowledge remains within the company. Boone: “As a DIY marketing agency, Goforgrowth the best of a classic online marketing agency together with the best of an education.”

“At an agency you get strategic advice, but you keep paying them to get the result. They actually earn from the fact that they keep the knowledge with them. We reverse the model and earn from the fact that we pass on the knowledge, which is more sustainable and yields more in the long term. And training courses in group or online are often generic and not tailor-made. By bringing the two together, we offer SMEs a unique offering to take their digital marketing to the next level.”

Personal contact

Boone notices that companies still attach great importance to personal contact, even though everything is becoming more digital. “You can take as many courses as a group, you will learn the most if you are explained one-on-one. By seeing each other in real life, a bond of trust is created more quickly and that benefits the cooperation.”

“That is why we go on site at the customer or meet virtually to educate and immerse the marketer in all facets of online marketing. We combine this with pre-recorded lessons that they can follow from their computer at their own pace, so that it remains efficient and affordable,” explains Boone. The fact that Goforgrowth’s approach works is evidenced by the positive reactions from customers about the results of their marketing campaigns.

You can take as many courses in group, you will learn the most if you are explained one-on-one

During the conversation with Boone, it is striking how driven and down-to-earth the young entrepreneur is. “Doing business in a sector that is in full evolution brings challenges. I have to keep up all the time. Fortunately, it is in my nature to adapt to changing circumstances,” he says.

Patrice Boone

“I mainly find my own way and customers come to me in an organic way. Through them I come into contact with many entrepreneurs. Sometimes they become new customers, but on the other hand I just find it fascinating to hear their stories. It inspires me to grow as an entrepreneur myself.”

Human and technology

Whether Boone has big ambitions for the future of Goforgrowth, we would like to know. “I always have too many dreams and ideas, sometimes I have to slow them down,” he laughs. “I focus on the long term and seize opportunities when I feel the time is right. I help companies to grow so it would be strange if I didn’t want to grow myself.”

Personal contact remains crucial, but I believe that machines can provide support. This frees up more time for the marketer for quality work

“I mainly let Goforgrowth evolve organically, so that we can continue to offer good service and continue to work with customers in the same calm and pleasant way. I don’t necessarily have to employ 50 people, I also realize that working with staff is not always easy.”

In the longer term, the entrepreneur would like to explore the possibilities of AI to make automated recommendations to optimize customers’ online marketing. “Personal contact remains crucial, but I believe that machines can provide support. This frees up more time for the marketer for quality work. In this way, people and technology complement each other in the further growth of the company.”

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