Michiel Steegmans (Cubitec): “Ik zou geen solopreneur kunnen zijn, laat mij maar samen dingen realiseren”

“I couldn’t be a solopreur, let me realize things together”

His passion for sustainability and a better world is reflected in the mission of the Antwerp technology company that was founded four years ago with two Hifluence colleagues at the time. “We develop software and IoT solutions for SMEs and corporates within the sustainable sector,” explains Michiel Steegmans (31), co-founder of Cubitec. We can make a difference with technology, I strongly believe in that.”

What is your favorite activity?

“It may be typical of entrepreneurs, but I am preferably busy with my business: thinking about where we want to go as an organization and how we can get there.”

“If I read De Tijd at the weekend with a good cup of specialty coffee or when I go walking in the greennew ideas and insights arise that I then enthusiastically share with my partner.”

“In addition, I can throw myself completely during a good skateboard session after work. Being active in the open air and being very focused on my board and movements really helps to clear my head.”

What is your idea of ​​(work) happiness?

Working for a large multinational has never been for me. I prefer a place where you follow, without contributing anything yourself. I want to be able to build on things that I personally find important.”

“Entrepreneurship gives me a lot of satisfaction: just the fact that you expand something and create more clout through growth and can therefore make an extra impact. We can make a difference through technology, I strongly believe in that. We could also hand out soup, but our specialty is technology. This way we can help the world and use our talents to do so.”

I couldn’t be a solopreneur, I need to realize things together with others

“Here at the office I really enjoy greeting everyone on the different floors in the morning. It is fantastic to see how our people can grow in their job, and I really want to be there for my people. I couldn’t be a solopreur, I need to realize things together with others.”

What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?

“As a starter you encounter many uncertainties and challenges, which is why I am pleased that as a company we have managed to get where we are today. I am proud of our organization with which we were able to bring this wonderful group of people together and carry out impressive projects. We have great customers, are profitable and manage to maintain this.”

As a starter you encounter many uncertainties and challenges, which is why I am glad that as a company we have succeeded in getting where we are today

“But actually I have the feeling that I am not there yet. I want to achieve a lot: launch new digital products and tap into larger markets. My ambitions are extremely high: I want to build even more software solutions for sustainable customers and thus make a maximum contribution to a better world.”

What have you learned from your most difficult moments?

“At the turning point from start-up to scale-up, I learned a lot about how important it is to really listen to people. That is one of my most important roles now: not literally listening to the words people say, but also reading between the lines.. This way you discover what someone just means and what that person needs.”

At the turning point from start-up to scale-up, I learned a lot about how important it is to really listen to people

“Another big lesson is that you can only move forward as an organization by getting everyone on board and working in a connecting way. That means: taking enough time to rally each person behind one vision and to enthuse people.”

What would a good old day be to you?

“An image that spontaneously comes to mind is that of a willow tree by a pond. Of pondbecause at some point I do strive for calmness and contentment. That I can happily look back at the companies that I have developed, but that I no longer have to be there every day. Now there is a fire that propels me forward, but I think that will eventually die down and turn into resignation.”

Only by being lean and moving along flexibly will you survive as a company over the years

“Of willow tree, which I have also planted in my garden, is in front again flexibility and adaptability. Two things that you absolutely need as an entrepreneur. The fact that the willow can bend in different directions without breaking makes it an excellent example of adaptability. Only through sufficient lean by being flexible and adapting to new developments or situations, you can survive as a company over the years.”

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