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WE WIN – Women Empowering Women In Need

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scissors  WIN – Women Empowering Women In Need

You are invited to attend WE WIN, a celebration of International Women’s Day presented by Women as Entrepreneurs (WomenAsEntrepreneurs.com.au).

This is an awareness event – a celebration of successes of women with a focus on enabling change for women as entrepreneurs, both here and in the third world. Profit will go towards empowering women living in poverty in developing countries.

We would like to extend our offer to you to join us for drinks and light refreshments for our event. Partners are welcome to attend. In addition to the generosity of the speakers, our sponsors have arranged to put together a gift bag for all attendees to ensure that they can take a little bit of the WE WIN event home with them.


1) Orsi Parkanyi – Women As Entrepreneurs

2) Hannah Schwartz – Ninefold

3) Maria Padisetti – Digital Armour and RedHands non-profit  Topic: empowerment of women entrepreneurs in developing countries.


1) Catriona Pollard – CP Communications and Social Media Women

2) Kim McGuinness – Network Central and The Businesswomen’s Breakfast Series

3) Nicole Kersh – 4Cabling

4) Lisa Messenger – The Messenger Group

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Orsi Parkanyi

Women As Entrepreneurs

Event sponsor: ninefold

Partners: The Messenger Group – Table of Plenty – Show Pony Fashion

Contributors: Jess Murray - Beni Creative - Garnet Mae