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Why Entrepreneurs Must Do Social Media Training

While it’s a fantastic public relations (PR) tool to reach new customers and build your network in the good times, social media is where any professional crisis will require the most attention in 2013. Are you prepared? Continue reading

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How to be an entrepreneur?

So you’ve come up with an idea; an idea that no one has had before. You’re convinced it will take the world by storm and you’ll become a millionaire because of it. So, how do you make this happen? How do you go from an idea to creating something tangible? Before doing anything, ask yourself these key questions. Continue reading

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Mistakes to avoid when marketing to women

Yesterday, I attended an invite only lunch event exclusively for women fully sponsored by an insurance company (I do not wish to name). Sydney centre location, gorgeous venue, friendly hospitality, drinks, wine, amazing food and divine dessert! A room filled with over 250 gorgeous, young, powerful business women! The highlight of the event was the 1 hour keynote talk given by one of Australia’s most amazing, most inspirational and high profile female entrepreneurs Mia Freedman, and a great goodie bag including her latest book, Mia Culpa. Continue reading

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13 Critical habits to cultivate as an Entrepreneur

13 Critical habits to cultivate as an Entrepreneur by Orsi Parkanyi 1. Listen to your body and take care of it! Find the time to exercise, eat well, get enough sleep and spend at least 10-20 minutes each day in … Continue reading

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Lisa Fox Interview

When it comes to the collaborative consumption movement, Lisa Fox is among the most talked about and someone who is a pleasure to meet. Lisa is co founder of openshed.com.au, a new website that offers a place for Australians to rent each … Continue reading

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