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2013: The Year of Women Entrepreneurs

Did you know that women are starting businesses at a much higher rate than men all around the world? I am so proud to be part of a global movement that encourages and empowers women who have decided not to settle, instead, have the freedom, support and resources to pursue their dreams and create value for the benefit of the entire human race. Continue reading

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Women: Collaboration over Competition

When I explain the concept behind the Women As Entrepreneurs movement to people who hear about it for the very first time, I often encounter the question – especially from the men –as “How is it possible for women entrepreneurs to support one another when they are… well…sort of competitors, aren’t they?” Continue reading

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Do we Need to Fake it to Make it?

By Orsi Parkanyi, published in Shoestring Startups on August 1, 2012 Are you always totally honest when it comes to answering tough questions about your business? Questions such as “What is your expected revenue for this year?” How many paying members do you … Continue reading

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Is being dumb the new black?

By Orsi Parkanyi, published in Shoestring Startups on July 11, 2012 Since when being smart and educated have become something to be ashamed of, while dropping out of uni and being unable to solve basic maths have become something to be proud of? What … Continue reading

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