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Resilient Australian Mumpreneurs – Part 2

We continue our interviews with mumpreneurs. Everyone’s heard the name ‘Entrepreneur’. These people take on financial – among other – risks in the hopes of starting their own business. But not many will have heard of a ‘Mumpreneur’. If you haven’t worked it out, a Mumpreneur is a woman that juggles parenting with starting a business. Continue reading

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What Is Your Motto For Success?

Successful entrepreneurs are usually inspired by other successful entrepreneurs. That means that if people don’t have great role models–especially role models in whom they can see themselves–they’re at a big disadvantage. Continue reading

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The 5 king hits that make your competition irrelevant

This blog has been re-posted with permission from Glen Carlson and the team at KPI The 5 king hits that make your competition irrelevant. All happy companies are different and rarely need to compete on price. All struggling companies are … Continue reading

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4 Important Things to Learn About Business at the Market

Markets offer a great opportunity to find special gifts and products, and to have a great time, but they are also fantastic places to learn a bit about business. Check out 5 important aspects of business that you can learn at your local market. Continue reading

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The value of personal development

Firstly, let’s define Personal development. Personal development involves activities that increase awareness and identity to enhance self-knowledge, potential, spiritual development, develop strengths and talents and to improve health and wellbeing. Continue reading

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