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Meet Orsi

About Orsi Parkanyi


Orsi Parkanyi is the sole founder of Women as Entrepreneurs, Australia’s largest community for female entrepreneurs and startup women and is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, social change and diversity in business.



Orsi is a dual citizen who grew up in Eastern Europe (Hungary) and spent 10 years around the Globe as a scientist investigating current social and environmental issues. In 2010, her interest turned towards the emerging concept of social entrepreneurship and the empowerment of women and in 2011 her passion led her to start Australia’s first community for the female entrepreneur and startup woman. Women as Entrepreneurs enjoys a solid following online via a blog and across multiple social media platforms; constantly booked out live events and frequent media exposure.


Orsi is well known and highly respected in the Australian innovation & startup space as a passionate advocate for gender and cultural diversity and in assisting a range of business stakeholders including angel investor networks, corporations and universities. This passion transfers into consulting, mentoring and speaking at many Australian start-up and community events such as the Lean Startup Machine, Launch48, Social Startup 48, Hack The House (Sydney Opera House event), FailCon (City of Sydney event), Sydney Business Month, Women Pitch and University initiatives around the country.


For her work in the start-up community she has been nominated for several awards and been selected as an Australian delegate for the 2014 G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance international conference. Women as Entrepreneurs has been selected as ‘startup to watch’ by Startup Smart in 2012; ranked #76 on the ‘Global List of Top 100 Women Entrepreneur Experts to Follow on Twitter’ and has been featured in a variety of media outlets including; Financial Review, Dynamic Business, Micenet Magazine, Anthill, SmartCompany, Shoestring Media, Kochie’s Business Builders.


Most recently, with the work at Women as Entrepreneurs (WE) that has presented more than forty events around the country to date, Orsi and many of the WE members had the privilege of representing the Australian female startup community at the world’s largest technology conference, CeBIT, held in Sydney in March 2014.


Orsi holds a BSc Honours degree in Environmental Science from the University of Technology, Sydney and a Master’s degree in Engineering and Management from the Budapest University of Technology, Hungary. In addition, she has also completed 3 years of a 5-year Master’s degree in Economics (equals to a BSc in Australia) in which she studied micro- and macroeconomics, finance and accounting.


Making a difference every day is what gets her out of bed. Orsi passionately believes that if we challenge the outdated traditions in business and increase the numbers of women in entrepreneurship, we will empower communities, nations and shape a better world.


Empowerment of women is extremely important to me on a very personal level. Growing up in Eastern-Europe during the 80′s and 90′s, I hardly heard anyone telling me that I could be a successful female entrepreneur. This was just not something that would occur as a viable option for women, or something that would be encouraged at the time. When I came to Australia on my own on a university scholarship back in 2005, I had no idea how many opportunities I would discover and how many amazing, remarkable women entrepreneurs I would encounter. Ever since then, I have been fascinated by these Australian women, the many supportive men and the country that keeps making it possible for talented women to succeed. I am on a mission to build the Australian community of female entrepreneurs, inspire more women to start companies and create jobs, and find new ways to make Australian female entrepreneurs more visible and successful. Ultimately, I wish to contribute to an increase in the numbers of female entrepreneurs around the country. My passion is getting more women into entrepreneurship because I truly believe that gender diversity – more women leaders - will have the power to shape a better world!” – Orsi Parkanyi


Women as Entrepreneurs is dedicated to all the dynamic, business savvy, motivated, creative, resourceful and fabulous Australian women who are not afraid of thinking bigger and aiming higher when it comes to realising their dreams and passion.

Besides providing great online resources and content including video interviews and expert advice on this site, we also organise regular networking events with guest speakers in many major cities around Australia, where you can learn from and connect with fellow aspiring and accomplished female entrepreneurs.

WE look forward to hearing your ideas, reading your comments and guest blogs on this website and meeting you at one of the upcoming WE events!

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