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Leadership team



Orsi Parkanyi — Founder & CEO of Women as Entrepreneurs

Orsi is founder of Women as Entrepreneurs, Australia’s largest community for female entrepreneurs and startup women and is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, social change and diversity in business.


Orsi is well known and highly respected in the Australian innovation & startup space as a passionate advocate for gender and cultural diversity and in assisting a range of business stakeholders including angel investor networks, corporations and universities. This passion transfers into consulting, mentoring and speaking at many Australian start-up and community events such as the Lean Startup Machine, Launch48, Social Startup 48, Hack The House (Sydney Opera House event), FailCon (City of Sydney event), Sydney Business Month, Women Pitch and University initiatives around the country.


Making a difference every day is what gets her out of bed. Orsi passionately believes that if we challenge the outdated traditions in business and increase the numbers of women in entrepreneurship, we will empower communities, nations and shape a better world.





Natalie  Goldman — Head of Strategy & Partnerships at Women as Entrepreneurs 

Natalie is driven by making a difference in this world, through her passion for helping women.

Natalie has 20 years experience working in Learning & Development, Organisational Development, Coaching, Mentoring and Organisational Psychology across most industries. Her passion for making a difference to women globally has driven her career into a new direction with her starting her business.  She has trained and coached thousands of people and loves positively impacting the lives of so many. When bringing together her capability, purpose and passion, Launch Pod was born. The ethos of Launch Pod reflects Natalie’s desire to make a difference as well as the understanding that being your own boss gives you control, power and freedom.

Natalie works with female entrepreneurs to reach their full potential through their business. It is Mind Skills for business.  After working with countless women she has seen time and time again the potential of women being undermined by their lack of confidence, self-belief and self-worth.  Through entrepreneurship, women have the ability to create the financial freedom and security that they lack in other aspects of their lives. Natalie can often be found working together with start-up and accelerator groups as well as speaking at numerous events, meet-ups and conferences. Her passion to make a difference and real social change drives her in her business and her many other projects, locally and internationally; as well as her many philanthropic pursuits including the Asylum Seeker Centre, Global Sisters and sits on the board of the Women’s Indigenous Network.

Natalie joined the WE executive team in November, 2014 to assist with strategy and forming meaningful and beneficial partnerships.