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Community Support

When we empower women, we empower communities, nations, and the entire human family  current UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon

At Women as Entrepreneurs, we believe that in partnership with You, we can empower thousands of women and actually change the world! We feel it is our responsibility to support female entrepreneurs both within Australia and beyond.

We can all agree that living in this paradise – called Australia – we belong to the most fortunate people on planet Earth, and there is so much we can – and we should - do for the people living in less fortunate circumstances! Women in developing countries are driving forces and desperately need our support! Studies have shown that money given to women in third world countries is making a huge social impact beyond them, because women choose to spend high proportion of that money on their kids and families.

Women as Entrepreneurs have partnered with Red Hands, a charity organisation founded by the amazing entrepreneur, Maria Padisetti in Australia helping women in developing countries through the power of Microfinance.

I have learnt from Red Hands that every $200 dollars we donate will enable 1 woman somewhere in the poverty of India to get a loan, start a small business and make a difference in her family’s life and within her community. Once this female entrepreneur repays the loan, the $200 investment then goes towards empowering one more. One at a time!

On the 8th of March, 2012, International Women’s Day, Women as Entrepreneurs donated $1,160  AUD to Red Hands. This money will enable at least 5 women to start their own business ventures in India. I can not describe how honored I feel to be a part of this empowerment, and how proud I am that with Women as Entrepreneurs, we are changing the future and destiny of at least 5 families less fortunate than ours.


You can read more about Microfinance and Red Hands at http://red-hands.org/