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Get up offa that thing – Motivation #1

Sluggish? Procrastinating? Avoiding? Rebelling? Bored? Overwhelmed? Tired? Distracted? Having an off day? Temporarily uninspired? Having clear outcomes and timeframes are essential to knowing why you need to do what you do and when you must do them. Continue reading

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Do I or Don’t I?

Have you ever been in a situation where you know what to be and do and yet you hesitate in making a decision, until you reach a point where you realise that by not making a decision, you are inherently making a decision? Continue reading

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Why Entrepreneurs Must Do Social Media Training

While it’s a fantastic public relations (PR) tool to reach new customers and build your network in the good times, social media is where any professional crisis will require the most attention in 2013. Are you prepared? Continue reading

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The value of personal development

Firstly, let’s define Personal development. Personal development involves activities that increase awareness and identity to enhance self-knowledge, potential, spiritual development, develop strengths and talents and to improve health and wellbeing. Continue reading

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Start your own business as a freelancer – possible?

Start your own business – Freelancing through the Internet…is it possible? (and profitable)? By  Lisa Cumes Is it really possible to find jobs and make money off the Internet? YES! I have been working from home part time as a … Continue reading

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