About Us

Women as Entrepreneurs were created with the vision to build, support and promote the Australian national community of like-minded aspiring and accomplished female entrepreneurs. With partnerships, empowerment and inspiration, WE encourage more women to bravely step into entrepreneurship, increasing the current 17% female presence in the Australian entrepreneurial space.

Why were Women as Entrepreneurs born?

We envision a world where women are represented equally in business. Not only because it is fair, but also because diversity drives innovation and results in a more competitive economy. We believe that if we challenge the outdated traditions in business and increase the numbers of women in entrepreneurship, we will empower communities, nations and shape a better world.

What do we do?

  • We organise top quality networking events where we have engaging and meaningful discussion
  • We listen to inspiring guest speakers and learn from one another
  • We promote entrepreneurship around Australia and grow our community

How are Women as Entrepreneurs making a difference?

  • by significantly increasing the current 17% female presence in entrepreneurship in Australia
  • by providing both online and offline opportunities for thousands of women to learn, connect and inspire
  • by providing support and the best tools to aspiring and existing female entrepreneurs through partnerships with major banks, universities and corporate around Australia