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Toyota’s ‘sexist’ Kluger ad takes a year to offend

July 12, 2016 9:33
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A Toyota Kluger ski campaign suggesting mums should take the easier blue runs while dads tackle the black runs has been running for more than a year at Thredbo before attracting the attention of critics, who claim it to be ‘sexist’.

Kluger's ad has been running for a year without attracting comment

A social media post by a skier published over the weekend shows the banner with the three symbols signifying the difficulty of runs, with the green run for Kids, the blue run for Mum, the black run for Dad and the hot chocolate for everyone.

Natalie Goldman said in a Facebook post the ad had been drawn to her attention by a client.

Toyota Kluger Thredbo ad 1

“I am insulted and shocked at this type of advertising that suggests that women are only capable of doing the intermediate run, whilst men can do the harder ones,” Goldman wrote.

“Toyota Australia, so do you mean now you are creating cars for women that are easier to drive than for men?”

Toyota Kluger Thredbo ad 2

The banner is part of a broader campaign being run by Toyota as part of its sponsorship arrangements with Thredbo.

However, a Toyota spokesperson said that the campaign was more than a year old and had not attracted any negative attention until this week.

The campaign was meant to have been replaced with a new one, but weather conditions meant that it had not been replaced with the 2016 version yet.

Toyota Kluger Thredbo ad 3

“It’s an old campaign and was part of a bigger creative idea with different banners for different features,” the spokesperson said.

“It didn’t receive any comment last year that we are aware of.”

The offending banner has since been removed, although it is understood that other banners which are part of the campaign have been left in place.

“The campaign was not intended to cause any offence – we simply wanted to highlight that Thredbo, much like the Kluger, has something for everyone,” the spokesperson said.

Toyota Kluger thredbo ad 4

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