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Startup Life in Budapest

Orsi ParkanyiHello My Lovely Women as Entrepreneurs Community,

As many of you may know, I am spending a little time in Budapest as I have recently become an aunty of a beautiful baby girl, Liza.

To make the best use of my time on this side of our Planet, I have decided to travel around Budapest and the country to check out what’s been happening in the entrepreneurial and women space and also to speak and share my Australian experiences at interesting events.

It has been two weeks and a lot has happened. I have attended a Female Entrepreneur Forum where I delivered a keynote speech, I mentored women-run businesses on customer acquisition who came to Hungary from all over Europe as part of a pitching competition and I judged at another Women Startup competition that was supported by the Israeli embassy.

So far, I have experienced that A LOT has been happening in this space in Hungary, so I am very pleased. Moreover, I have identified a few interesting differences between the Australian and Hungarian ecosystem: for example, I have found that being an Angel Investor in Australia is a reputable position. Apparently, it is the other way around in Hungary, and therefore it is hard to and Angels prefer to remain antonym. Another difference is that the word “entrepreneur” has a bad reputation, so all the key stakeholders in the startup space are working towards changing this. I’m also very happy to note that many of the events are happening in English and this fact is no longer causing any inconvenience for Hungarians :)

My next event will be Brain Bar Budapest that brings thinkers and change-makers together from all around the world for a conference full of talks and workshops. This is the second year organising this and I look forward to participating.



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