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Resilient Australian Mumpreneurs – Part 2

Resilient Australian Mumpreneurs

Article Part 2


We continue our interviews with mums in business.

When it comes to a job, one of the hardest things can be working for someone else. Recent years have seen a major buck in this trend, and leading the pack are multitasking geniuses: mothers. Known as Mumpreneurs, we spoke with two of them and here is what they had to say.

Jules Blundell is the Founder of VideoBuzz Pty Ltd. As she describes it, she is “not in the business of selling videos”, but instead is “in the business of selling powerful business messages”. With technology constantly expanding, and businesses struggling to make a mark online, Blundell had an idea. Using videos, VideoBuzz allows their clients to “articulate their proposition or message”, delivering their clients a professional and visually stunning video that is specifically for their target audience. With a strong background in sales, marketing, and business communications, you can forgo a generic ‘point and shoot’ video, and choose a tailored, made-to-order, and creative advertising tool.

As a mother of six-year-old twins, Blundell intimately knows the struggles that all other Mumpreneurs face. She had previously launched businesses in Australia and the United Kingdom before becoming a mother, but decided to start a new business once her twins were old enough. As everyone knows, it is a nigh-impossible to find a high-paying job with flexible hours, especially when you have children dependent on you. So, as she felt she had no other choice, Blundell set-up her own business so she could work from home.

After trial and error, VideoBuzz had found the perfect balance, and Blundell happily states what she most enjoys about running her own business is “independence”. She continued: “and not having to be answerable to anyone.”

There are still the usual challenges of finding time to look after yourself, but being a Mumpreneur is also very educational. Here are some tips Blundell has passed on:

1. Don’t start a hobby business – make sure it is a business that makes good profit, without draining your time. Outsource 80% of the hard work.

2. Have a strong pitch – if you can’t articulate what you do, then no one else will understand it either.

3. Don’t beat yourself up. Take every day as it comes, and if it’s not done today, there is always tomorrow.

And last by not least,

4. Make sure your partner is very supportive. There will be times when you need your partner’s help and support.

Though the journey has been tough, Blundell says there is nothing she would do differently in hindsight, and encourages other mums in their business endeavours.

We also spoke with Debbie Spellman: Coach, Life Strategist, Speaker, and Mind Detox Therapist. She best describes her work as, breaking through the “limitations, fears, and doubt in [women’s] minds”, and helping “them embrace a higher level of self-worth”.

DebbieDespite having a six-month-old baby boy, taking the leap into the world of Mumpreneurship wasn’t a difficult one. Spellman stated it was her only choice after hitting ‘rock bottom’. She dusted herself off, undertook two intense years of study, and launched her own business.

Running her business full-time, she tells us she most enjoys “the freedom and flexibility, as well as being in control of the vision and direction for the business”. Her planning pre-baby allows her to now work more flexible hours, meaning she can wear both hats.

There are still big challenges. Spellman tells us of the challenges of “time and energy”. However, looking after herself and her little boy is the number one priority, and hiring a Virtual Assistant has majoring benefitted her and her business.

Always wanting to share her knowledge, she gave us some tips for women just starting out as Mumpreneurs.

1. Become resourceful. Don’t be dismayed at the first obstacle. “Turn fear into faith” and make it happen.

2. Invest in a coach/mentor who has been where you want to go. It will save you countless time and money.


3. Be persistent and consistent. Not every day is a walk in the park, even if you love what you do.

When beginning your Mumpreneur journey, one question you will have to ask yourself is whether you want to run a lifestyle business, or grow it into a bigger business. As a mother as well as an entrepreneur, the former gives fantastic flexibility and freedom, however, like Spellman, there are ways to make it big. Virtual Assistants – even on a global scale – can drastically lower your personal workload, and allow you to expand to other areas.

With all of this success, there are also challenges and adversity. “The biggest element to overcoming adversity and challenges,” Spellman told us, “was taking my emotions out of my business by changing my mindset. When things didn’t go according to plan, instead of believing it doesn’t work – or thinking I wasn’t good enough – I took the time to understand why, researched a solution, and tried again.”

You can find out more about Spellman via her website.

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