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How to get money for your venture?

Have an idea but no money to make it happen? There are several ways to find the money you need to start a business venture. We have collected a few for you to consider so you can too become an entrepreneur and change the world.

  1. Use a Crowdfunding platform – like Kickstarter, Pozible¬†and Indiegogo which don’t involve any equity component, they are basically platforms for pre-sales.
  2. Enrol an Accelerator program – there are accelerator programs that provide you with some money to get your venture kicking or your site built. In Australia, check out this LIST of most accelerators around
  3. Raise Investment money – in order to get investors back you, you will have to pitch to investors. Try the local Angel networks first.
  4. Generate revenue – find a business model that generates revenue from the first minute, for instance take a cut of the payments/transactions that are happening via your website.

Written by Orsi Parkanyi

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