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Digital Branding Day


By Orsi Parkanyi, Founder & Director of Women as Entrepreneurs

I am so excited to tell you that Women as Entrepreneurs had it’s first DIGITAL BRANDING DAY on Saturday in Sydney!! It was a HUGE SUCCESS, I was overwhelmed by the amazing feedback I had from the attendees. Wait till you see the photos & social media graphics we are creating over the next couple of days!! :)

So what happened? At the Tower Brands Pymble premises, a team of 5 highly qualified professionals got together to help 3 businesses (total of 4 business people) boost their digital brands.

Attendees were:

The team consisted of:

Here are a few “behind the scenes” photos

We have a few more dates available over February, but note that each Branding Day is limited to 4 businesses. For more details, fill out http://womenasentrepreneurs.com.au/we-branding-day-inquiry/

7 Reasons Why You Should Attend the DIGITAL BRANDING DAY

  1. Comprehensive brand assessment prior to the event
  2. Professional hair and make-up on the day
  3. Professional 1 hour photo shoot by leading Australian brand photographer
  4. 3 retouched high resolution professional images to use in your personal portfolio, media kit and online profile sites
  5. 1 hour one-on-one branding strategy session with leading Australian branding expert on the day
  6. Custom designed & branded social media graphics for the 5 major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Youtube
  7. Networking with fun and high quality business owners on the day and having a great time :)


  • Promotion of your business via our highly visited website and social media platforms
  • Free spot in the next edition of the Women as Entrepreneurs publication
  • Promotion at the February WE Branding event with over 100 attendees. http://we-branding.eventbrite.com.au/

Key Benefits

  • FREE MEDIA EXPOSURE: You’ll have a portfolio of 3 high quality and high resolution professional retouched images that you can use in the coming 3-5 years. Never miss out on media exposure due to lack of images, you can include them in your media kit and attach them to any press release you send out?
  • CONFIDENCE: you’ll never have to be ashamed again about your online images, you’ll have more confidence that will help you be more visible and likable. “People do business with people they like and trust”?
  • KNOWLEDGE: learn how to manage your brand and use it to advance your business both on and offline using the branding techniques of those in the know.?
  • CREDIBILITY: You’ll gain more credibility and therefore you’ll increase your chances of attracting more paying customers, fans and business opportunities. You’ll stand out from your competition with your professionalism.?
  • MORE SALES: You’ll get more sales opportunities by using branded images. With a good variety of photos, you can run promotional and advertisement campaigns. Having a professional and fabulous online presence, you’ll have more and better customers and launch yourself toward your business goals.It is enough to invest in this one in every 3-5 years.

How would you rate your own digital brand? Would love to hear from you.

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