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Cleansing the Workspace

Cleansing the Workspace

Written by Laura Naomi, who is specialises in Personal Development
naomiIt is quite a common occurrence for me to go into people’s business and find the energy and space quite chaotic. Pens and books and paperwork everywhere, that business owners or managers say, ‘it’s an ordered chaos’ with a cheeky smile. I usually giggle replying, ‘I am an artist so I understand what you are saying!’ however, there’s a difference between a continual disorder and temporary. So I then ask, ‘do you regularly clean the space and also the energy? Are you aware that it’s not only about the physical space being messy but also the energy?’

I am asked, ‘What do you mean by messy energy?’

Messy energy can mean; chaotic, heavy, dissonant, murky, dull or over-stimulated energy. I can often sense this from the individual then I begin to address it with them. The link is then revealed as to why they are not taking care of their work (or home) environment; most of the time this is because they are not taking care of their personal energy.

It’s about balance, like so many things and choosing to take the time to nurture your personal space and environments where you spend a lot of time. How is your mind going to reach tranquility or your body going to replenish when the environment is cluttered and disorderly?

Ways to cleanse your office energy is quite simple. Firstly get rid of things you are not using or that are broken. Buy some flowers or plants and bring Earth energy into the space to liven up the mood. Natural elements (because they are natural!) naturally cleanse a space. For example, make sure to let fresh air and light into the office areas. Oil burners are another way to cleanse the air adding luscious scents and aromas. Every now and then completely move the furniture and change the whole office area or as much as possible as this shifts the energy thoroughly.
File your paperwork or create better filing systems, make the time to clean your office, just like you make the time to cleanse your own energy. There is nothing worse than being somewhere you don’t enjoy or feel comfortable in. Make the most of your workspace by adding your own flare and keeping the space clear and beautiful.

Create quiet areas or meditation rooms where you and staff members can go to relax for stillness in breaks or at lunchtime. Learning how to create these tranquil spaces is quite easy and for the time invested in this, the rewards are priceless for people’s physical and spiritual wellbeing.

We want to make being at work a rewarding and uplifting experience and part of this is to love your surroundings as well as love what you do! If you wake up excited about going into the office and beginning the day knowing that you are living this moment with all your heart then this reflects in your environment.

If you do not enjoy where you are or what you are doing, then it’s time to reflect and ask deeper questions. Perhaps it’s time for a change!

Laura Naomi specialises in Personal Development, blending the unique modalities of Zen practices, energy healing, space clearing and emotional counselling. She guides individuals, groups, corporations and businesses and is passionate about creating more awareness around energy and balancing the spiritual world with the physical world.  Web:  www.laura-naomi.com

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2 Responses to Cleansing the Workspace

  1. Great advice! It’s like I tell my clients, if you are feeling low and negative in your office – bring glitter! Make your workspace sparkle with positive energy. Beautiful Laura!

  2. Laura says:

    Thank you Michelle, love the idea of bringing glitter and sparkles into the office!

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