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Get Your Motor Running

Get Your Motor Running – Motivation #2

By Peta Wilkinson, CEO of Better is Best
PetaSluggish? Procrastinating? Avoiding? Rebelling? Bored? Overwhelmed? Tired? Distracted? Having an off day? Temporarily uninspired?

Having clear outcomes and timeframes are essential to knowing why you need to do what you do and when you must do them.

So, what if you have those, yet you still can’t be bothered?

Well, sometimes we need to turn stuff off in order to get up offa that thing.



If you have a list of things to do, ask yourself “will this task move me toward my goal?” If yes, ask “how? What will it bring me? What will it allow me do once it is done? What is my ultimate outcome from doing this task?” Notice the emotion in your response.

Then ask “will doing this task move me away from what I don’t want?” If ‘yes’, ask “what will I avoid if I do this task? What will I get when it is done? What is my ultimate outcome from doing this task?” Notice the emotion in your response.

Based on which answer you responded to more emotionally (i.e. the first is a ‘toward motivator’ and the second an ‘away motivator’, get super clear and specific on your ultimate desired outcome for each task. Write your task and your desired outcome from it on your list as if it had been completed i.e. “I have invoiced ABC which has added XYZ to my revenue which allows me to do FGH”.  Notice how your mind and physiology improves with this level of specificity. Now add the time you will complete it by. And do it.



Is there a You Tube tutorial or Internet search you can quickly do to draw inspiration from?

Is there a networking group you can join or an event you can attend to enthuse you (like Women As Entrepreneurs?)

Is there a program or institution you can invest in, which will help you get you there faster?



Sometimes we don’t know ‘how’ to do something or ‘how to do it better’. Decide whether it is worthwhile figuring it out yourself, given the time, energy, money or opportunity cost or whether it is best to send the task to someone else.

If the former, get some professional help from someone who does this better than you.

If the later, send a shout-out to your network, ask who they can recommend to take your pain away.



Keep a journal of at least three things everyday, that you have done, that has moved you toward your business goal. It keeps you accountable to yourself and it is great to reflect on when you need to reassure yourself of what you’ve actually achieved and how far you have come.



Sometimes we business owners need some external accountability. We may get some of this from our partner, banker or accountant but in my experience they have a vested interest or bias in the outcome. I use a coach to keep me on track and I do this with my clients. Quoting a recent client of mine ‘you don’t have a vested interest except for my vision and that is why it works’.


What do you turn on to get motivated? What are your top tips?

 Be your best self and get paid for it,


Peta Wilkinson is the Principal Consultant at Better is Best, a boutique leadership consultancy who specialise in developing professionals to ‘be their best selves and get paid for it’. Delivering step-by-step tools, non-nonsense techniques, and tailored leadership coaching, we tie this up with a little bit of humour to ensure we get the absolute best from and for our clients.


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