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Self Care

Self Care

Written by Laura Naomi, who is specialises in Personal Development

b1laura email 55 - Version 5 (2)Learning to have balance in our lives can be quite a challenge sometimes. Just having the responsibilities of family and business can take up a lot of our energy. Working in the personal development industry, it is common to come across people who are at the point of burnout, exhaustion or in overwhelm.

People’s energies are scattered and drained for various reasons and sometimes it’s not until the body starts going on strike for us to finally listen. Putting aside nurturing and bliss time for ourselves is essential. We must learn to listen to the signs and respect the way we feel otherwise we become prone to dis-ease and illness; our energy and resources become weakened and our hunger for life can diminish.

Illness often comes when we are not listening to what our body is telling us; however, when we are more attuned to ourselves we can hear the messages before it manifests into the body. Self-care is multilayered; it includes wholesome things like – stillness, flow, nature, tenderness, rolling belly laughter and really delicious kisses! A core element is nourishment of the spirit.

Do you know what nourishes your body? Do you know what nourishes you? And do you know the difference? Spiritual nourishment includes those things that increase your awareness, happiness and holistic wellbeing.

Three points I’d like to highlight below:

    1. Supporting the Self

    2. Healthy boundaries

    3. Asking for help

There are some of us who are constantly looking after others. There are those of us that may feel it necessary to always have others around to reassure and continually support. Then there are people who find it difficult to ask for assistance; saying they don’t need help and can look after themselves.

Supporting the self will vary among us. Sometimes we may require pampering of the body; spa treatments, a weekend getaway or decedent food. On a more spiritual level, it can also include learning to be more present to how one is feeling. There is power in acknowledging the truth of how we feel and just simply being with it – not making it wrong or wishing we were feeling something else.

It is also important to keep our energy balanced and clear to maintain an optimum space. Some of us need to learn to put boundaries in place, while others, to learn to open more and let go of control. Owning more of our personal power is an aspect of self-care. Taking initiative and responsibility for your spiritual wellbeing is empowering not only for yourself, but also for those connected to you. There are always times in life where we require the assistance of others. When we allow others in to share what may be happening for us, it acknowledges and frees the energy. It’s quite amazing when you cannot see a solution to what you perceive as a problem – and you may have been carrying this around for days or weeks, or even years – then, when you do finally share this with someone, they offer you an insight, which completely unravels the issue and it ceases to exist.


Laura Naomi specialises in Personal Development, blending the unique modalities of Zen practices, energy healing, space clearing and emotional counselling. She guides individuals, groups, corporations and businesses and is passionate about creating more awareness around energy and balancing the spiritual world with the physical world.  Web:  www.laura-naomi.com

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