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Cold Calling: 3 tips to get past the Gate Keeper

Cold Calling….3 tips to get past the Gate Keeper

Written by Netty’D Lackovic, founder of Her International and CEO of Billionaire Babes

So you need to cold call to build your client base but you continually have a BLOCK…the dreaded gate keeper. Here’s 3 easy tips that help you succeed with cold calling

1) Most people sound like cold callers “Hi, My name is and I’m from…,” saying that you will definitely have you hanging up within a matter of seconds with your tail between your legs. The TRICK is to NOT sound like a clod caller, sound very causal relaxed and start with asking two questions. Two questions that will be so simple for the gatekeeper to answer.

Start with “Hi, I’m hoping you can help me”. Did you know most people LOVE to help others, as it makes them feel wanted and important? Continue with two of your easy to answer questions. I rang Porsche and this is what I asked

“I’m just curious do women buy Porsches or is it more of a guys car?” the receptionist response was “oh yes women Love the Porsche brand.

“Oh really, what are the main styles purchased by women?” she answered “the  Cayenne and the Boxter”.

I then introduced myself and told her why I was calling adapting to the calls information. “Oh that’s fantastic to know, look I’m the CEO of Billionaire Babes and we specialise in selling to women, who would be the best person to speak to to help increase Porsches feminine grab in the market place?

2) Did you know that most SME’s business owners are in before and after hours, so if you are calling a smaller type business call at between8am-830am and after 6pm, as you will have a higher chance actually speaking to the decision maker.

3) Go old school, everyone calls and emails so grab their attention and put something in their hot little hands like a hand written card, an invitation, a presentation pack. Here’s the 3 part strategy on this tip:

  • Call and say “Hi I’m wanting to send an special invitation to the business owner, could you tell me the best address……(collect address and then continue)….great and who shall we address it to the owners name is (pause  and stay quiet for them to fill in the blank)
  • Send Invitation/Card/Pack etc
  • Follow up – NOW YOU HAVE THIER NAME!!!!! BINGO. “Hi, just want to speak to (name) quickly” (sound very casual). If they ask what’s it about. “Just making sure he received my parcel in the post, is he in?” Make sure you finish with a question “is he in?”.

Now pick up those phones and start calling. 



Netty’D also know as Annette Lackovic is the founder of Her International and CEO of Billionaire Babes which is a business based on sales and performance training for businesses who want the upper hand in sales and not sound like their competitors.

Do you have any cold call experience you’d like to share? Post it below!

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One Response to Cold Calling: 3 tips to get past the Gate Keeper

  1. Wow! Awesome tips Netty’D.
    I love the intro, to ask 2 easy to answer questions before introducing yourself. It’s getting the gate-keeper talking and into a helpful mood. Genius!

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