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In the Spotlight: Debbie Spellman

In the Spotlight: Debbie Spellman

Debbie Spellman is Founder and CEO of Detox Your Mind where she is dedicated to helping the modern woman develop inner calm, self-acceptance, true confidence.

debbie1. Could you describe your business and what you do?

I mentor women to inner calm, self-acceptance and true confidence by helping them discover their authentic self. Far too many women are plagued with fears of insecurity, self-doubt, worry, anxiety and not feeling good enough. Together we dissolve all of these issues to reveal the gorgeous and beautiful soul which is inside of every woman. Then we create a new lifestyle filled with all the things which make her feel alive, loved and passionate. That’s living your authentic self.

2. What gets you up in the morning?

My mission and passion in helping women see they are not who they ‘think’ they are. Our own self-image is skewed and we fail to recognise our own value, worth and beauty. It’s the moment a shift happens where my client realises what has been driving their undesirable behaviour for so many years, it’s a profound moment when the penny drops and they realise their entire world can shift in a moment. That realisation is the catalyst for further beautiful transformations in becoming the woman they are destined to be.

3. What is the biggest challenge currently in your business and how do you approach it?

My biggest challenge is managing all the things I desire to do. There are at least 10 big projects I want to do this year and yet I am learning to release all deadlines and allow myself time and space to focus on just one thing at a time and live each day in the present moment.

4. How did you hear about WE and why did you join the community? 

I heard about WE in it’s very early beginnings through Orsi. As a WE ambassador, I am passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs to live their best life – I joined the community to connect with women in the business space. There is something about talking business, passion and vision that gets me super pumped.

5. Have you met anyone inspiring through Women as Entrepreneurs?

I met the beautiful Anne from Blossom Blends through Women as Entrepreneurs and we have really connected. I adore her and her business. Thank you WE for the opportunity to connect with such a gorgeous woman.

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