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How committed are you to growing your business?

How committed are you to growing your business?

By Netty’D, founder of Her International and CEO of Billionaire Babes


It’s the same problem I continually see when a person has dived into a business idea that they love but doesn’t realise the hard slog the first couple of years can be to drive the sales through the door.

I find that my entry level of coaching is always going back to the basic of “you need to get in front of more people”. BUT this is the part that terrifies people, it means you have to actually pick up the phone and speak to people!

Now that’s when some type of fear kicks in. And it’s different for many but mostly come under one for these umbrellas:


  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of not being ________ enough
  • Fear of not knowing how to start the conversation
  • Fear of blowing it


The one thing I have learnt about overcoming fear is once you have accomplished what seemed to be a ‘big scary-ass goal’, it actually wasn’t half as bad as you imagined it.

I heard a great quote once “The biggest dramas that go on, go on in our heads”, and conquering your fear always proves this saying to be true.

So if you are seriously committed in stepping up and bringing the cash in, here are some tips to help you get the ball rolling with prospecting and gaining leads. I’ve saved my favorite till last!


1) Look at companies that you can form a strategic partnership with, this means finding companies who complement what you do but are not in competition. Organise to form an alliance with them. Some ideas could be creating cross promotions or add value to their sale with a gift from your company such as a free consultation, etc.


2)  Google search your perfect customer/company you’d love to work with and get in contact with them via email. No the most important part of this is follow up 24hrs after with a phone call to introduce yourself. HOT TIP: Never send a letter/email without a follow up call.


3)  Speak at networking groups, clubs, gatherings etc. Did you know that many groups are DESPERATE to have speakers share knowledge. So if you have the gift of the gab get out there and get in contact with these groups. You can easily fill up your client portfolio with this strategy. Like Clinton Swayne says “Stage time is wealth time”.


4)  Send something memorable- I recall years ago I use to send presentation packs. They would be tied up with a ribbon holding a bag of gold coins, a little lock hanging in front of it with a note saying “Billionaire Babes has the key to unlock you sales ability”. Then I would place a follow up with a call. Worked a treat as they remembered it, so much is sent electronically these days so if you can get creative it does help you get noticed more.


5)  This one is a ‘Ballsy Move’, but it’s one of my favorites as it works for me. I contact companies I want to work with and in short I say I want to meet with them and if I dont give them at least 1 idea that is a money making idea, I will give them $300 for their time as their time is everything. I say it’s ballsy as you have to know you can deliver or you will be paying to of your noise! Now, if you are an expert in your field it should be a walk in the park, if not then how can you tweak this idea to make to work for you?


The one thing that I notice whenever I go on a prospecting rampage, I always have success and many times it’s not directly from that immediate source. It’s like the universe starts to pay you with a supply of customers from somewhere else…like brownie points as it see’s you are going out there trying.

Making Sales Sexy,



Netty’D also know as Annette Lackovic is the founder of Her International and CEO of Billionaire Babes which is a business based on sales and performance training for businesses who want the upper hand in sales and not sound like their competitors.

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