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Do I or Don’t I?

‘Do I or Don’t I?’

 By Sabiha Vorajee, CEO of Empowered Woman

Sabiha2Have you ever been in a situation where you know what to be and do and yet you hesitate in making a decision, until you reach a point where you realise that by not making a decision, you are inherently making a decision?

This week I experienced a frustration, which sent me (in many ways) back to the drawing board & helped me realise that even those of us who are coaches and who do our best to live and breathe what we teach, we sometimes learn best what we have to teach, from our own lives.

I am passionate about helping women to find the confidence and certainty they need in their lives, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically, because in the end, action must be taken in order for what we have learnt to manifest what we choose to create.

So how did being utterly frustrated help me find the certainty & confidence to make a decision I had been putting off?

1) Firstly I acknowledged to myself that most of my frustration was around the fact that I had been putting off making this decision for a very long time, because I had a number of fears around what this decision could mean and I forgave myself for this.

For those people who know me, my default would have previously been to beat the crap out of myself for not having made the decision and moved forward and yet a simple acknowledgement and forgiveness moved me far further forward than anything else could have done. The energy shift this created within me automatically triggered my self-confidence and certainty and reminded me, that I am the one who creates my life.

2) Secondly, having acknowledged and forgiven myself for being the one in my own way, I asked myself, ‘What will be the outcome of my life if I don’t do this?’

Most of us have heard of how connecting to our ultimate vision can inspire and propel us into creating our dreams and on the whole I agree. However, there are times when we are not at our most confident & certain and in these moments, trying to connect to our vision almost becomes impossible.

For me at these times, connecting deeply & emotionally to never achieving my dreams instantly reminds me of why what I choose is a must and in the end, connects me even more profoundly to my vision, thereby creating the confidence and certainty to make the decision I have been putting off making.

3) And thirdly, I realise that by not making a decision, I choose what is currently in my life and if it’s not making me happy then that in itself is a decision I have made.

So my choice becomes:

Am I going to stay here and be frustrated with a decision I am making (ultimately by not making a decision)?


Will I choose better? Because I know I am the only one who can.


Sabiha Vorajee is an entrepreneur and executive in the human resources industry with over seventeen years of diverse professional experience in the field and has worked in the public and private sectors in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia across various industries. Utilising her wealth of international human resources experience as well as her commercial acumen, Sabiha is the Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Empowered Woman, an organisation she developed in order to assist women in creating financial freedom through earning the income they choose and deserve.

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