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Monthly Archives: July 2013

In the Spotlight: Debbie Spellman

Introducing Debbie Spellman, Founder and CEO of Detox Your Mind where she is dedicated to helping the modern woman develop inner calm, self-acceptance, true confidence. Continue reading

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How committed are you to growing your business?

It’s the same problem I continually see when a person has dived into a business idea that they love but doesn’t realise the hard slog the first couple of years can be to drive the sales through the door. Continue reading

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The key to being a successful entrepreneur

What is the best predictor of success? What do all the accomplished entrepreneurs have in common? What will increase your chances of building the business of your dreams? Continue reading

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Get up offa that thing – Motivation #1

Sluggish? Procrastinating? Avoiding? Rebelling? Bored? Overwhelmed? Tired? Distracted? Having an off day? Temporarily uninspired? Having clear outcomes and timeframes are essential to knowing why you need to do what you do and when you must do them. Continue reading

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Do I or Don’t I?

Have you ever been in a situation where you know what to be and do and yet you hesitate in making a decision, until you reach a point where you realise that by not making a decision, you are inherently making a decision? Continue reading

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