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The value of personal development

The value of personal development

written by Laura Naomi

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Firstly, let’s define Personal development. Personal development involves activities that increase awareness and identity to enhance self-knowledge, potential, spiritual development, develop strengths and talents and to improve health and wellbeing. To generally increase the quality of life and contribute to the realisation of dreams and aspirations. Taking it a step further, it’s not only about increasing self-awareness but also assisting in other’s spiritual development, perhaps as a guide, teacher, life coach or mentor in some capacity.


In my own experience, it is of equal value to seek out a spiritual mentor as much as it is a business advisor. We each have dreams about who we want to be and what we want to accomplish in life and a lot of the time emotional blockages, limiting thought forms and beliefs get in the way of our goals. We each deserve the very best for our loved ones and ourselves and nourishing the self is a vital key to unlocking this quality of life.


Where to begin? There are many self-help books and lots of information on the Internet to guide and help with starting out on your journey. When the door is opened it is quite easy to become lost in a world of “how to’s”, exactly the same as information about wealth, financial freedom, investments and business. The idea is to see what feels right for you; if you like that little black dress but are not sure if it’ll fit just right, then try it on for size and comfort! Walk around and see how you feel. There is no substitute for experience. It’s like the times when you are planning a trip overseas somewhere you’ve never been before and so naturally you ask others who have been there, what it’s like. They give you their own viewpoint, and usually assumptions are made from this information.  Of course, it’s not until you are in that other country, experiencing it for yourself, then you truly know what it’s like! This may seem quite obvious, and it relates to many things in life, including self-awareness. Because everyone’s path in life is unique, we each have our own way of healing, developing and un-learning.


A lot of us are taught ineffective and sometimes dysfunctional forms of relating in the world and to ourselves. As mentioned this can cause problems and challenges. Self-development is about becoming aware and moving through these challenges to gather insight and become more spiritually conscious. All of us have a history and it affects us in various ways in the form of programming and conditioning (family and social). Although there will be limitations in some areas, knowing that we have a choice to change these things, naturally increases belief and confidence. We are just that little bit closer to embracing a life of happiness and abundance more fully. When we un-learn the not-so-functional behaviours, habits and belief systems, then we have more room to move; our essential nature and energy will naturally fill those spaces promoting a more self sufficient, healthier and happier person.


Laura Naomi specialises in Personal Development, blending the unique modalities of Zen practices, energy healing, space clearing and emotional counselling. She guides individuals, groups, corporations and businesses and is passionate about creating more awareness around energy and balancing the spiritual world with the physical world. One of her business philosophies is that: You are your Number 1 investment – self-awareness is the key to empowering yourself and others. We all have the ability and power within to create a more harmonious lifestyle!
Web:  www.laura-naomi.com


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