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Video Interview with Monty Hook from ezyVA

Being an entrepreneur means that we often do everything in our businesses: manage social media, build a website, contact clients, design invitations, you name it! But apparently, there is a better way to do it! Have you heard about OUTSOURCING? In today’s episode, Orsi caught up with Australian entrepreneur & business coach Monty Hook who’s new business, ezyVA offers access to an entire team of virtual assistants for only $8/hour to help you manage your business more efficiently and ultimately, make more money &  free time. We talk about outsourcing and how women entrepreneurs can benefit from using this great new site.

Monty is also very passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs, thinks highly of Women as Entrepreneurs and  he has kindly offered a free initial consultation for all interested Women as Entrepreneurs readers to make sure ezyVA is for you, and that you get the most value out of it! What an amazing offer from him! :)

To claim the offer from Monty Hooke. please click the link and submit your details in the form provided  http://ezyva.com/specialoffer/we/ so he can get in touch with you. Enjoy the video guys! :)

Monty Hook





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10 Responses to Video Interview with Monty Hook from ezyVA

  1. Love outsourcing, Love VAs (I was one myself for over 7 years) but you do know there are a TON of Aussie VAs that give amazing services :)

    There are also some major pros with using an Aussie VA, we should be totally educating people about this points!

  2. Anne says:

    Why outsource overseas, when Australia has amazing highly skilled VAs. You’ll be amazed what a great community of VAs we have. We bring strong industry experience and knowledge to the table and are very highly skilled.

  3. Outsourcing does not have to mean offshoring – two very different words.

    I’ve been involved with the Virtual Assistant industry here in Australia since 1996. There are a lot of Australian VAs here and I’m always outsourcing client work – to them.

    Did you know there are three Aussie VA Networks in this country and an industry based association?

  4. I find this article and clip to go against all that you work for in Women as Entrepreneurs. Outsourcing is perfect,y fine, and quiet necessary at times but why does that mean offshoring? If you want to help as many women in Australia become entrepreneurs and become successful in their business, why not promote Aussie Virtual Assistants. There are quite a few around including AVBN who actively promote Aussie VAs. Have you thought about the benefits of outsourcing to Aussie VAs over offshore VAs? We are all local, and can therefore meet with clients if need be, English is our first language, intellectual property issues of business information going overseas etc etc. The list goes on. Would you work for $8 an hour??

    • Emily Cooper says:

      I agree Becky. I consider myself to be an Australian female entrepreneur and business owner, as well as a Virtual Assistant trying to support other small businesses in Australia too.
      There can be unforeseen risks using companies based in developing countries offering outsourcing solutions – cultural differences, no protection of local laws, and communication barriers can cost you more in the long run.
      Make sure you do your research first, ladies!

  5. Fact – Outsourcing is not a new phenomenon, we all do it and we all love it because we can’t do everything.

    Fact – The Australian VA industry also is not a new phenomenon – it has been around for about 20 years.

    Fact – Outsourcing does not equal Offshoring.

    When engaging an VA – not a virtual worker or employee – you are working with a fellow business owner and entrepreneur. An Aussie VA works with you, not for you and that is the big difference. Look at quality of your VA and the services they provide, not the bottom dollar.

    Let’s support our local industry and our local Australian women entrepreneurs!

  6. Rosie Shilo says:

    It’s EZY to get a VA here in Australia – much less “hit and miss”. :)
    Visit http://www.virtuallyyours.com.au and see the directory of pretty fantastic VAs ALL from Australia. ALL fabulous Women Entrepreneurs.
    And also AVBN, which Becky mentions above, which is http://www.avbn.com.au – for really experienced VAs and for training for new Aussie VAs.

  7. Chris Crowe says:

    How true ladies! I too, am an Australian VA working down here in chilly Melbourne at the moment.

    I have heard many “horror” stories of international VAs work simply not being up to the standards expected by business owners here in Australia… work that needs to be re-done or that takes so long to check that you may as well have done it yourself.

    As a VA, we strive for the success of our clients – their success = our success – so we work extra hard and really CARE about our clients.

    As entrepreneurs ourselves, we want to be successful and we truly understand what it takes to be a successful business owner here in Australia…. in fact, many of the more successful VA Business owners here in Australia have their own VAs to help with their businesses, while they are helping out their clients!

    We walk the walk, we’re good at what we do, we love what we do, we’re passionate and we are right here in your time zone!!

    Go Aussies

  8. Seems my original post has gone astray.

    I had mentioned that outsourcing and offshoring are two different words, and that there are 3 VA networks (two have been listed above, the third is http://www.vadirectory.net) and an industry association here in Australia.

    I love this industry and have been in it a long time. It’s allowed me to work from home, bring up 5 daughters, help many other women (and some men) establish their own VA businesses and assist business owners all over our country.

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