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Maria Nicola interview

Q&A with our gorgeous entrepreneur and WE member, Maria Nicola who has been in the jewellery business for many years. We asked her about passion, business and challenges.

Maria Nicola










1. Could you please describe your business and tell us how long you’ve been running it for?

I’m sure I was a princess in a past life :) It started with my own business, handmaking bridal jewellery for the entire bridal party for seven years. A wonderful time.
Then a homewares and jewellery store for 14 years in Manly where I focused on the jewellery buying.
Then I continued sourcing stunning AND affordable fashion jewellery from all over the world, and showing it to friends and family. The demand for the personal showing of my jewellery resulted in Bubbles & Bling parties for all sorts of ladies events, from 1 on 1 styling to major fundraisers! In my first year of trading I’m proud to say I contributed $1000 for women’s cancer from all the “Girls Night’s In” events I attended. Very rewarding!!

2. What do you like about being an entrepreneur and business owner?

Being an entrepreneur gives you the creative freedom to try new things, it’s scary and exciting all at once!

3. What have been some of your biggest challenges to date?

My biggest challenge to date has been to keep my drive going. Business stamina can be tricky when running your own business. Thank goodness for the wonderful networking opportunities that exist in many different form all over Sydney.

4. What is next on the agenda for you?

The next juicy chapter I’d like to get my teeth into is having party consultants, to run their very own Bubbles and Bling parties. That would be amazing!!

5. How does the WE community help you achieve your goals?

The WE community is a fantastic community that brings amazing people together to share , learn and evolve into to bigger and greater! I’m thrilled to have met Orsi, her energy is inspiring and so are WE!!

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