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Fashion Dilemma

Fashion Dilemma

By Sydney-sider Women as Entrepreneurs member, Robin Powis Founder of Defining Style Image Consultancy, Personal Branding Specialist

Entrepreneurs attend many events and it is a common fear among women to meet someone with the same outfit at a function! So what can you do if you go to an event and someone else is wearing the same dress? Well…

 Do not

  • Lose your confidence and go home with your tail between your legs
  • Speak negatively about the other person
  • Say to others that you look better in the dress than they do


No Way Out– You’re at the Event

How do you solve this dilemma ie you’ve no chance of going home to change, or popping out and buying a new dress?


  • On sighting the person walk confidently up to them and congratulate them on their great taste
  • Also comment on how they have adapted it to their own Signature Style eg worn a structured tailored jacket with a floaty feminine dress.


Soften the Blow – When you buy a Striking Garment from a Chain Store


  • Adapt it to your Signature Style with shoes and bag in contrasting colour, or a statement piece like a geometric necklace
  • If you really know your stuff, clash a stripe or pattern for full fashion impact.


Avoid this Catastrophe Happening – Source Garments You are Unlikely to See Again


  • Buy overseas eg Hawaii, USA and Asia have great fashion with low price tags compared to Australia
  • Buy classic garments in block colour so you can mix n match them your way
  • Avoid buying garments that have a dominating or striking pattern or feature.


 Have you ever been in the same situation? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below!

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