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Q&A with a WE member from Melbourne Catherine Blackford from Bindle

Q&A with a WE member from Melbourne

We caught up with our dear Women As Entrepreneurs member from Melbourne, Catherine Blackford, who has just launched her first business venture, Bindle

1.Catherine, can you tell us a little bit about your new business, Bindle?

Bindle is an online eco gift store defined with a sense of place. Bindle engages local artisans to produce Australian, hand-made, tailored gift packages. There are Bindles for every occasion and every part of the creation is Australian – the products within the Bindles; the boxes that contain them; the hand that wrapped them.

2. What made you start your business?

I faced an ever recurring small nightmare of trying to find an inspired gift for friends and family for milestone occasions. After seeing the world becoming a lot smaller due to globalisation, and local produce becoming less and less a feature in gift purchases, Bindle was born. Each Bindle is a compilation of several talented individuals that brings to it his or her own personality and creativity. It’s the inter-relationships that make each Bindle unique. The creator, the craftsmen, the designers, media, families, friends and customers. Bindle is someone’s story and everyone has their own unique story to tell.

3. What have been the most challenging from idea to launching?

The most challenging … so many challenges, where to start. Sourcing the right produce that is unique, Australian, superior quality, and complimentary to accompanying products has taken a lot of time and determination. Working on developing good relationships with suppliers has been paramount. And striving to define the true message underlying what Bindle sets out to achieve. I think I will revisit all of these challenges on a regular basis. :)

4. Where do you see Bindle in 3 years time?

In three years time I see Bindle partnering with inspirational businesses that take pride in Australian artisans without sacrificing style and design.

5. What advice do you have for other women who are only just starting out?

For other women that are starting on the business journey … Believe in yourself whole heartedly and surround yourself with supportive and positive people.

Are you in the process of launching your business? Share some of your experiences with us below in the comment section! If you are ready to surround yourself with a great bunch of supportive and positive women, visit our sign up page and join us via http://womenasentrepreneurs.com.au/join We hope to welcome you in our amazing community of like-minded women entrepreneurs soon! :)

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2 Responses to Q&A with a WE member from Melbourne Catherine Blackford from Bindle

  1. I love that you shared that a Bindle is someone’s story and everyone has a story to tell. I feel like that’s what makes each of us unique – our unique backgrounds and our point of view in the world- because there might be other places people can purchase gifts from.. but if someone values a sense of place, uniqueness and the story behind the gift.. then a Bingle’s your choice of gift : )

    Thanks Catherine for sharing what inspired you to set your venture up xx



    • Catherine says:

      Thank you Nadhira,

      You have certainly have grasped the essence of Bindle!

      It is so important to celebrate the wonders at our very doorsteps. It is the many talented local designers, craftsman, growers and artists that make our communities unique. Hence, they should be celebrated and supported! Bindle aims to bring these people together and share their stories through the beautiful products they produce. And of course the art of giving is paramount!

      We hope everyone finds a special Bindle for their loved ones or appreciated acquaintances.



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