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Valerie Khoo interview

Believe it or not, I first met Valerie Khoo through Twitter a couple of months ago when ‘The Sound of Music‘ musical was aired on TV and we started singing together in the virtual space. It was so much fun! When we actually met up to do this video interview, I had the best time with her again! She is one of those smart, fun and down to earth women entrepreneurs who I just love being around. Valerie Khoo is an award-winning entrepreneur, founder and director of the Sydney Writers’ Centre and co-founder of a new and exciting start-up, Social CallOut. She is also an author, small business commentator and journalist. Amongst many other publications, she has a regular column in the Sydney Morning Herald. Today I caught up with her to hear her entrepreneurial story, and share her invaluable business tips tailored specifically to our female entrepreneur audience. Enjoy the video. :)

Valerie Khoo Interview by Orsi Parkanyi from Women as Entrepreneurs 08/2012 HD

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3 Responses to Valerie Khoo interview

  1. I have been to the Sydney Writers’ Centre training and loved every minute of it. However the most valuable thing taken from the training was an invitation to facebook group which is soooo friendly and useful. It was lovely to see a women behind the Centre. Thank you for the tips. Great interview!

  2. What great advice. I love what Valerie has to say about networking and building relations as well as being confident to talk about your business. I find the prospect of both quite daunting and scary at times but I know if I don’t get out there then people won’t find me. It’s definitely something I need to work at but the more I do it the better I’ll get. Thanks Orsi for a great interview.

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  3. Nikola Ellis says:

    I have also done a course at the Sydney Writers Centre and always find Valerie inspirational. I too love her tips about networking (one of the great things about Women as Entrepreneurs!) I have also been motivated to sign up for another writing course- I am writing a business book and Valerie’s writers centre does a great course on that subject. Looking forward to the next interview, Orsi!

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