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Kim McGuinness Interview

How can I say this? Kim McGuinness is my role model. Yes, this is the right word role model, and I’m sure she is for many other women around the country who knows her. And there must be thousands of them! Running Network Central - a large organisation for women in management - for over 13 years, she is probably the most connected person I know, and definitely somebody who is an expert on networking. Apart from her many successful businesses, she is also managing a beautiful family of 4. But somehow, she still finds the time for all the important people in her life and for all those new people who are seeking for her guidance and help. I was one of those women, and lucky enough to meet and chat to her on many occasions. Kim has one rule: she only connects with people who do things from the heart! What an amazing approach! Might be something more of us could implement…I hope you’ll enjoy our interview! :)

Kim McGuinness Interview by Orsi Parkanyi from Women as Entrepreneurs 05/2012 HD

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