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Catriona Pollard Interview

Catriona Pollard is founder and director of PR & social media agency CP Communications and co-founder of Social Media Women. Her number one advice is to network as much as you can – needless to say that I met her at a business event. I love being around Catriona. Every time I meet her, I get so much energy from her presence! There is so much to learn from her too and not only how to be a female entrepreneur, but also how to live life as a confident, balanced, beautiful and proud woman. I’m extremely glad to be able to present her through this video! Let’s find out how Catriona does it and why CP Communications have an ‘Inspiration room’┬áin the office…Enjoy!

Catriona Pollard Interview by Orsi Parkanyi from Women as Entrepreneurs 04/2012 HD

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2 Responses to Catriona Pollard Interview

  1. John Halls says:

    Hi Orsi.

    A VERY informative interview with Catriona.

    The main message I received from the interview, was that INSPIRATION is the key as well as ensuring whatever you do in your business, whether it be online or offline, is that you MUST allow for ‘me time’ of set things up in your immediate environment, that allows you to relax and fully enjoy what you are doing.

    THAT, was one thing I DIDN’T do the last time around. I was too hell bent on climbing the mountain, that I forgot to view the beauty around me.

    Thank you for the great interview.


  2. Liliana Algorry says:

    Hi Orsi
    This was a great interview, Catriona seems a very a well balanced business woman , i do love her approach to art and beauty.

    Love the idea of art around us, inspirational yes, relaxing yes.

    I wold love to meet Catriona.



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