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Rebekah Campbell Interview

Rebekah Campbell, founder of Posse.com is a regular speaker at conferences and entrepreneur events. Is this because she is one of the very, very few women who manage a technology startup being not technical at all? Probably. And of course, because she is a gorgeous and smart woman who is working extremely hard to make her company a success and have thousands of stories to share and advice to give! I met┬áRebekah at her office (where I also saw 8-10 programmer guys concentrating behind their monitors) in the heart of Surry Hills, just before we did the interview. She is a very down-to-earth, nice girl who was very keen to share her experiences, because she knows the best, learning from others and making mistakes can be a key to succeed in the so-called “Startup World”. Let’s hear some of her advice to other women starting out as entrepreneurs! Enjoy the video!

Rebekah Campbell Interview by Orsi Parkanyi from Women as Entrepreneurs 04/2012 HD

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