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Learn How Your Style and Image Can Affect Your Branding

Learn How Your Style and Image Can Affect Your Branding

By Sovy Lie

Personal branding has been known to a lot of businesses as what their company represents. Most of the time it is their values, culture, purpose, vision and mission. And those are translated into branding tools and material, such as the company name, business cards, postcards, brochures, websites, and other promotional packages.

It is always good to remember that your brand does not only carry your company, but it also carries you and your team. This means that you and your team will be carrying what the brand represents: the look, attitude, customer service or personal touch. The “Don’t judge book by its cover” never applies to the business world. We only have 3 seconds to make a good first impression, and 45 seconds to deliver an elevator pitch.

The way you present yourself, the clothes you wear, the confidence you show when you walk and shake hands to introduce yourself, all make a huge difference before you even say hello, and can be crucially important in the business world.

Did you know that:

  •   Customers will buy if they like the way the sales person use the product or service
  •   Clients believe that if you actually care about the way you style yourself and your business, you will take care of them as your important client as well
  •   The way you dress represents who you are, how you feel, how well you are doing and where you are heading to

We don’t have to go far to find examples. Let’s go back to the movies when we’re young. 101 Dalmatians Cruel de Ville Character. So materialistic, snobbish, and always right. If you dress the way she does, then you’re clients will see that your brand is a non-dependable one.

Alright, let’s go back to the real world now. Say you want to hire an accountant, and you interview different companies, different accountants. Which lady from the following two pictures would you rather hire?

I’m guessing you’d probably prefer the lady on the left, because you want someone professional, organised to take care of your money and taxes. The accountant on the left certainly set the bar high with creating a professional and dependable looking brand before you even start assessing both of their qualifications and experience.

4 Simple tips that will definitely help you create professional branding:

  1. Get to know your company and what your company represents. What do you actually want to be known as: fun, professional, creative, new edge, accurate or maybe award-winning?
  2. Get to know your target market. Find out who you really want to serve and imagine being in your clients’ shoes, how do they want to see YOU (not your company) dress.
  3. Wear outfit that fits, comfortable and affordable for you. Nothing too big, or too small. Remember: grooming is about how you look the part, and not about wearing the most expensive branded clothing possible.
  4. Wear colours that makes you look radiance, confident, comfortable, and absolutely powerful!

Remember, looking the part is just like creating the perfect window dressing at the shops. If your clients like what they see, they will definitely come to the shop and start browsing, and then likely buy from you. Be your brand and your business card, even before you hand out your real business card.


About the author, Sovy Lie

Sovy Lie is a professional stylist who consults with individuals and groups on personal styling in a way that elevates her work to an art form. Sovy’s intricate knowledge of personal styling goes beyond simple presentation into a deeper understanding of psychology and personal branding. Her love of fashion and beauty led Sovy to channel her passion into Couture Roulette.

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2 Responses to Learn How Your Style and Image Can Affect Your Branding

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Sovy,

    Great article! I find in a world where the room is mostly filled with men, the way we dress and look can really help us stand out. It’s just as important to carry your branding through your speaking and presentation skills. Having a confident speaking voice, eye contact and a very firm handshake will confirm their thoughts about the way you professionally dress.

    Wow, we have a lot to remember when we leave the house, do you think men think this much about what they wear and how they speak?

    Lisa Cumes

  2. Hi Sovy

    It’s so true, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so it’s really important to get it right the first time. Lisa’s comments are spot on too and the only thing I would add to it is remember to smile. People are drawn to people they like.

    Samantha Anderson
    ABLE Marketing Solutions

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